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5 perks of oppulance safari lodging

Truth be told, there are distant some-more than 5 perks to staying in a best safari lodges and camps. Like during all top-end resorts, a beds will be plush and clad with a excellent linens and a taste will be stunning. At tip finish safari camps, dishes are paired with delectable wines and post-meal digestives are enjoyed around a resounding campfire; all of that is enclosed in a cost of your stay. But, there are other, less-tangible perks. Ones that aren’t simply monetized though are elemental in digest a board top-notch. Here are 5 that don’t all have a financial value, though that all play a starring purpose creation a board one of a best.


Privacy and exclusivity come during a price, though how most remoteness can one really design during an disdainful safari camp? Quite a bit, actually. The infancy of top-end safari destinations have no some-more than 9 to 12 tents, cabins or rooms, gripping a altogether vibe really intimate. In fact some places, such as Little Mombo Camp circuitously Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, have usually 3 tented guest rooms. That’s roughly like camping with a few of your best mates.

Little Mombo

Your possess private butler

Your personal servant will assistance safeguard no tiny fact goes overlooked. Want a cold drink watchful for we when we lapse from safari? Done. Need a bath drawn while you’re during dinner? You’ve got it. Your personal servant has a supernatural ability to be during your ordering when we need them and to be out of a design when we don’t. There’s zero some-more worried than carrying someone float over you, and top-end safari lodges have polished a change between assistance and hover.


Exquisite views

A big lure of top-end safari camp is plcae and views. The categorical lodges are all assembled with breathtaking views in mind, and it might warn we to learn that we suffer a views some-more from your board than we do from a safari vehicle. Often these lodges are assembled circuitously a physique of H2O that serves as a watering hole for proprietor animals. Or, in some instances, a lodges erect their possess watering holes so that animals can rally nearby, charity guest combined observation party during their meals. Chitwa Chitwa, in Sabi Sand, South Africa, has a tiny lake where guest are means to watch a resources of wildlife right from their possess verandas.


Al fresco bathing

Very few things feel as decadent as an open atmosphere soak in your possess private tub. How many places can we lay blissfully in prohibited bath while examination over a immeasurable plain of furious animals? And, interjection to a singular series of rooms, we don’t have to even consternation if your neighbor is examination we examination a furious animals. This is exclusivity during a finest. Elsa’s Kopje, in Kenya, facilities outside tubs that roughly seem to be partial of a surrounding landscape.


Ease of access

Roads can be notoriously rough, wily and, sometimes, scarcely impassable, no matter that nation we name for your African safari. And, given many of these oppulance lodges are located in remote, isolated areas, a tour to oppulance can take utterly a fee on one’s body. But, these oppulance lodges have suspicion of all for those who are means to means it. Most top-end resorts come with their possess helipad, that not usually means you’re means to strech your end most quicker than we would in a jeep, though we also strech it with feeling like you’ve spent a final 3 hours on a everlasting spin cycle. The Virunga Lodge is only one instance of a oppulance review with a possess helipad. And, we’re told that it gets used rather frequently.


These are the tip 5 perks for selecting a oppulance safari lodge, though there are positively many other reasons. We would be penetrating to hear your tip perk for selecting luxury!

Javier Luque is a Co-Founder and Director of Your African Safari.

If we would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in sequence to lift your profile, please contact us.

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