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5 good reasons to select South Africa’s Tswalu Kalahari

Today we’d like to pull your courtesy to one of South Africa’s totally undervalued gems – Tswalu. This immeasurable private haven in a Kalahari is some-more magical, some-more lively and some-more life changing than any other safari we will commence in South Africa. South Africa has a repuation for being tamer than a other safari locations of Africa though we don’t feel this is scold – there are still copiousness of areas that are vast, furious and primitive with unimaginable vistas and illusory diversion viewing. Tswalu is usually one of them, and here are a 5 reasons we consider everybody should revisit Tswalu on a South African safari:



Tswalu Kalahari in Northern South Africa boasts some of a many modernized and successful charge initiatives in South Africa. This good saved private haven has countless charge projects on a go, and a Kalahari apparently lends itself to providing a right sourroundings for some unequivocally singular class such as pangolin, meerkats and many others. The conduct of charge during Tswalu is an moving man, who if given adequate warning will go out of his approach to concede guest to get a some-more hands on discernment into a work they do there. At Tswalu tourism is usually a means of ancillary a charge initiatives on a haven and this means a safaris are always in abyss and interesting.


The luxury

The South Africans unequivocally know how to run a good safari property. Both properties on Tswalu (Motse and Tarkuni) are ultra stylish and intensely luxurious, and of march finish with glorious meerkat and black maned lion viewing, among many other singular species. No responsibility has been spared when it comes to a décor and a suites during Tarkuni even have private star beds so we can confirm as and when we nap out underneath a innumerable of wink stars.


The activities

The red dry rolling hills here are breathtakingly pleasing and we can walk, float or diversion drive. As good as removing concerned with a charge side of things there are also illusory village projects formed in a area and saved by Tswalu. Sundowners here are well-developed with sprawling views of a surrounding Kalahari bushveld, that during certain times of year will be illuminated with flowers of each description. Deserts in Africa unequivocally are unequivocally special places.


The Malori nap out

This is positively one of a many lush nap outs in all of Africa, with a regretful and sparkling outside bathroom, and splendidly comfy bed we can have a private and disdainful night out in a bush, in complete safety, though with all a intrigue that surrounds sleeping out underneath a African stars.

The tranquillity

As Tswalu is so remote and furious we can pledge your diversion drives will not confront other people, a dual hour private moody from possibly Cape Town or Johannesburg to get there usually goes on to echo it’s remoteness, and positively adds to a feeling of being in a loyal wilderness. This unequivocally is a ideal cut of Africa that is peerless in both beauty and safari experience.


Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company.

If we would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in sequence to lift your profile, please contact us.

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