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3 Malaysian hotspots for vegans



By Paul Eyers on Apr 15, 2016 in Accommodation, Asia, Food and Drink, Going Out, Hotels, Malaysia, Regions, Resorts, Restaurants, Travel Miscellany   – Read 1180 times

Ah beautiful, tropical, culturally abounding Malaysia; how we adore what we have to offer those who wish to try in style. Malaysia has got it all; pleasing beaches, abounding nature, culture, story and a lot of tasty food. It also happens to be an glorious end for vegan travellers (who are people that adore to see a universe yet don’t eat or use any animal products along a way).  As Malaysia has a immeasurable volume of plant-based food accessible and a internal race is accessible with a useful nature, vegans won’t have to make too might special arrangements to suffer Malaysia as many as everybody else does.

Our 3 Malaysian Hotspots for Vegans embody some of a many visited destinations in a country; a pleasant bliss island of Langkawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Georgetown and a famous beach review of Batu Ferringhi. Here’s a lowdown on how to get a many out of your revisit to these good oppulance destinations if we are a vegan.

1. Langkawi

Langkawi is Malaysia’s biggest island. People revisit here to suffer a pattern postcard beaches, a primitive jungle plentiful with wildlife and a unconstrained sunshine. There are tools of a island that are bustling with tourists now, as with many renouned beach destinations, and this is really one of those places where we advantage from engagement somewhere in a upscale oppulance category. Not usually will we get universe category use yet you’ll shun a crowds and get your possess private cut of paradise. Sounds ideal doesn’t it?

Our tip collect for vegan travellers is The Danna Langkawi, a West Coast gem where a use is outstanding. Right on a beach with a backdrop of surrounding jungle, you’ll also have entrance to Langkawi’s biggest swimming pool. It’s a good place to time adult a beach or pool hours in between holding daily excursions to try a best pieces of a island.



When it comes to dining, The Danna Langkawi excels during traffic with dietary mandate and when we visited they were good during indicating out equipment on a menu that were already vegan, adjusting other dishes and even formulating several bespoke choices for us. From internal flavours to healthy favourites, a vegan food matched a high peculiarity of a surroundings.

For these reasons it is a tip collect for vegan travellers who suffer a finer things in life.



2. Georgetown

Next adult is Georgetown that was postulated UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2008 in approval of a abounding informative and chronological significance of this favourite Malaysian destination. Visitors here can spend days erratic a streets in a Heritage Zone, shower adult a melting pot of opposite cultures in Little India, Chinatown and Armenian Street set opposite complicated Malay daily life, as good as removing to revisit one of a many vegan food stalls and restaurants portion normal food that is also plant formed and delicious!

There are outrageous numbers of places to stay definition that travellers are spoilt for choice, we stayed only outward a Heritage Zone during Hotel Penaga, a collection of easy birthright buildings that have been given a new franchise of life with a modern, art infused twist. Particular courtesy has been paid to creation a boutique hotel some-more eco-friendly with solar panels, use of recycled materials and normal restoration techniques.

Hotel Penaga sunset

The pattern during Hotel Penaga gives we a feeling of vital in a ‘time left by’ yet with all a complicated touches that spin it into a good oppulance choice and a sauna offers a far-reaching operation of massages, a diagnosis with one of a rarely gifted therapists is not to be missed! As a vegan, if we select to eat breakfast in a hotel afterwards we can demeanour brazen to a tiny preference of western breakfast items, internal fruits and creatively prepared noodles to start your day.


3. Batu Ferringhi

Our final Malaysian prohibited mark is Batu Ferringhi that has been a renouned traveller end for some time and this bustling beach review on Penang island (just a brief outing from Georgetown) is a place to go if we like H2O sports like parasailing or zipping around on a jet-ski. However, if we like a some-more resting gait of life, miles of sandy beach wait you, a bustling night marketplace is there to try and there are a series of hotels and resorts where we can lay behind and only do nothing.

The PARKROYAL Penang Resort offers a best of both worlds, being located right on a beach (great news for beach loving, H2O competition enthusiasts) as good as carrying 2 outrageous swimming pools set in sensuous pleasant gardens for those who cite this kind of relaxation. It’s a family friendly, laid behind review in a heart of a renouned Batu Ferringhi beach.


Vegan guest (who can conduct to drag themselves divided from a pool or beach) will be good catered for during a PARKROYAL Penang Resort, during a revisit a cook seemed happy to create plant-based dishes for us during breakfast, lunch and dinner, even yet they weren’t partial of a common offering.


It’s always good to see somewhere bettering their use for people who select an choice lifestyle and all good oppulance hotels should be means to do this, so never be bashful to ask. We ate vegan versions of a Malay favourite snack, ‘nasi goreng’ that literally means boiled rice, that contained vegetables and tofu wok boiled in soy and garlic. Other options enclosed abounding sharp unfeeling curries and DIY salads from a good stocked salad bar.

So there we have a discerning beam to 3 Malaysian hotspots for vegans definition that everybody can suffer this smashing oppulance destination, no matter their dietary or lifestyle choice. Now we have another culture, food and beach filled outing to demeanour brazen to, that is always good news for oppulance transport amatory vegans!

Paul Eyers is Founder of Vegan Food Quest.

If we would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in sequence to lift your profile, please contact us.

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