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16 beauty practice from around a world

By Anna Paparizou on Sep 19, 2015 in Africa, Asia, Central America, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, Europe, Fiji, France, Greece, Hawaii, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Middle East, Morocco, North America, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Regions, Spas Pampering, Speciality Travel, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Western Europe   – Read 24000 times

When traveling, make your days even some-more pleasing by experiencing beauty treatments formed on mixture and rituals internal to a nation you’re visiting. From Tahiti to Tulum and from Bali to Morocco, here are a 16 of a best beauty practice you’re expected to find anywhere in a world!

1. Evian-les-Bains – hydrotherapy

You know Evian water, though do we know where it comes from? From a area Evian-les-Bains, located between France and Switzerland in a superb French Alps! Evian-les-Bains facilities hydrotherapy treatments formed on a universe famous H2O with a same name, a H2O obvious for a recovering powers. The internal sauna of march lures visitors from around a world, to advantage from a recovering energy of Evian in oppulance and season a beauty of a area any time of a year!

Evian Hydrotherapy

2. Bali – Javanese lulur massage

Spas in Bali are a enchanting knowledge on their own. Add to that a Javanese lulur massage with flower petals in marble bath tubs and you’ll consider you’re forgetful with your eyes open! Not customarily is it balmy and healing, Lulur massage is also copiousness savoury and a unequivocally stately experience. After all, it will all take place in one of those extraordinary spas, customarily located outside, with good views to a Indian sea or a sensuous garden surrounded with pleasant flowers!

Bali Lulur

3. Istanbul – steam baths

Dating behind to a Ottoman era, a time of luxury and spoilt royalty, “hammams” are your possibility to knowledge a authentic Turkish massage, along with steam baths full of aromas and a ambience of honeyed Turkish tea. it’s a good thought to enter a Hammam while sightseeing in this aged and pleasing city, to rest for a while and leave a dispatch and discord distant behind. You will be eliminated to a opposite time and another, pacific reality!

Istanbul Hammam

4. Greece – olive oil spa

When in Greece, olive trees order a scenery. It was about time their essence, olive oil, be used in cosmetics and, of course, in sauna treatments that are elementary and beautiful, only like a nation that offers them. Find them in hotels and spas everywhere and anytime of a year and suffer an knowledge recovering and balmy during a same time!

Greece Olive

5. Iceland – Blue Lagoon

Geysers, prohibited thermal waters, recovering elements… this is what Iceland is about – together of march with a monumental scenery. The extraordinary Blue Lagoon with a bluish waters is only one of 800 prohibited springs in a country, nonetheless a many overwhelming one. Its bubbling beauty and recovering waters, together with a vicinity to Reykjavik, make it an knowledge not to be missed! Especially, when it’s cold outside…

Iceland Blue Lagoon

6. Yucatan – palapa rooms

Mayan ruins, extraordinary beaches, a mesoamerican food, tasty food… as if we need another reason to revisit a Yucatan! Add to that some protocol massage therapies and visionary treatments with a story as prolonged as a mayan civilization and we have an memorable transport experience. Did we discuss that a mayan sauna treatments take place in dreamy, exotic, extraordinary Tulum, in palapa bedrooms with a perspective to a Caribbean blue?

Tulum Spa

7. Pamukkale – vegetable springs

Maybe a dreamiest end in this partial of a world, Pamukkale is famous for a white cliffs that form small, healthy forever pools. Of march there’s a sauna and teahouse there, with a pool of calcium-rich vegetable springs amid a pleasing garden, to suffer this singular knowledge and advantage from all a dirt and H2O have to offer to your physique and soul, underneath a sun!

Pamukalle Springs

8. Thailand – Thai massage

Stretching and low hankie massage, this is what Thai massage is all about and you’ve substantially attempted it already in your country. But experiencing it in a nation of birth, by outlandish Thai women on a pleasant beach? That’s unequivocally something! And really improved than all you’ve tried, given in Thailand the story behind a massage creates a whole difference.

Thai Massage

9. Hawaii – normal therapies

Seashell massages, volcanic charcoal facials, prohibited lava stones, a waters of Watsu (a water-based shiatsu), scrubs with local, outlandish fruits… and many some-more treatments you’ll find with really Hawaiian names and suffer in sensuous garden settings amidst pleasant flowers and pleasing aromas. As if a monumental views, a memorable beaches and a extraordinary food is not enough!

Hawaii Spa

10. Morocco – bath houses

Ancient traditions, pleasing design and gentle bedrooms allure a guest right from a courtyard. The Bath Houses of Marrakech mix a aged with a new, charity an knowledge that is value each penny. And it’s not only a surrounding beauty that will wow you; it is a treatments themselves, full of story and craftsmanship, all mix together to emanate a beauty diagnosis like never before!

Morocco Baths

11. Fiji – decrease massages

Traditional Bobo massage, a recovering mix of fijian massage with internal bulb oils; Duavata four-handed massage; Thalgo therapy sand and algae wraps… These are only some of a diagnosis options one can knowledge in Fiji – as if being there isn’t balmy enough! Of course, all these unreal treatments take place in overwhelming settings, by a beach, in pleasant gardens and in all a serenity we need.

Fiji Massages

12. Budapest – healthy springs

Sparkling baths, aged spas, turkish pools… H2O abounds in a Hungarian capital, charity an knowledge that beautifully blends a old, a traditional, a prosperous and a ottoman past, with a complicated amenities of a genuine metropolis. Travellers always find themselves in one of a thermal spas in outward areas or inside pleasing buildings, as a Natural Springs of Budapest are really an knowledge not to be missed!

Budapest Thermal

13. India – Ayurveda

The southern state of Kerala in India hosts health resorts that underline treatments formed on a millennia-old healthy medicine of Ayurveda. What improved place to knowledge a authentic ayurvedic recovering with aromatherapy, massage, essential oils and yoga? Especially if we suffer Ayurveda’s advantages in your possess country, we wouldn’t wish to skip out on perplexing a genuine thing in India itself!

India Ayurverda

14. Costa Rica – prohibited springs

It’s a smashing universe we live in, and Costa Rica is no exception. This abounding land facilities vegetable pools, magma-heated lagoons, bubbling H2O and prohibited springs from a volcano, all charity singular practice for travellers. Combine them with shaman rituals and Mesoamerican persperate lodges and you’ll have a holistic proceed to spa, one full of story and stories to be told!

Costa Rica Springs

15. French Polynesia – Tahitian massage with monoi

The famous polynesian flower monoi is used in many cosmetics and spas all over a world. In French Polynesia, it builds an outlandish knowledge out of this world, consistent a aromas with a surrounding pleasant beauty in a unreal aura. Enjoy it in a sauna on a beach or in a remoteness of your room and find yourself immersing in a beauty of this extraordinary nation again and again!

Tahiti Monoi

16. Bath – thermal waters

Once luring Celts and Romans, a Roman city of Bath in a heart of England facilities thermal springs, attracting visitors who indulge in this singular experience, in superb physic buildings that will stay in your mind forever! After all, what improved approach to transport behind in time, than by holding a recovering bath in a Roman building? Close your eyes, and you’re there!

Bath Thermal

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