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12 of a dreamiest pool villas on a planet

By Spencer Groves on Dec 31, 2015 in Accommodation, Africa, Antigua and Barbuda, Asia, Barbados, Caribbean, Europe, Greece, Hotels, Leisure Travel, Maldives, Middle East, Oman, Regions, Resorts, Saint Lucia, Seychelles, Speciality Travel, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Western Europe   – Read 17539 times

Discerning travellers are apropos increasingly tough to impress; exquisite service, imagination lavatory toiletries and atmospheric bedrooms are all taken for postulated when we stay during a 5-star hotel. But there’s one room form that even a many hard-to-please globetrotters still get vehement about: a pool villa. There’s something about staying somewhere with your unequivocally possess private pool that can’t assistance though feel gloriously indulgent… subsequent we’ve handpicked a few that we advise we thrust into…

Hillside Pool Suite during Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Located on an isolated territory of Antigua’s western coastline, this hip bower masters a judgment of understated luxury. There are suites on a beach, nonetheless a brief trek (or golf cart ride) adult a towering to a Hillside Pool Suites is totally value it; you’re rewarded with memorable views of a bay. Shrouded in foliage and positioned for limit privacy, a suites are stylishly flashy with a Balinese feel. Fold divided a wooden shutters that make adult a fourth wall to exhibit a vast outside patio with private pool and oversized loungers; a ideal place for sundowners.

Hermitate Bay Hillside Pool Villa

Sarojin Spa Suite during Sarojin, Khao Lak, Thailand

Many of us onslaught to switch off from work while on holiday; if this sounds familiar, a stay in a Sarojin Spa Suite is a ideal antidote. Within mins of stepping over a kindly trickling tide to enter your apartment and slipping into pool, you’ll be admiring a considerable pleasant plant life and forgetful all about a emails entrance by on your iPhone…


The Sun Suite during Jade Mountain, St Lucia

The Galaxy Pool Sanctuary is a largest during Jade Mountain, and comes finish with forever pool and flabbergasting views of St Lucia’s famed Pitons. Unusually, all a suites during Jade Mountain are open-air; with no fourth wall or window to get in a way, it’s a best perspective you’ll ever have from a hotel room. Set into a side of a hill, we can fill on a in-escapable vistas as they change via a day. But what if it rains? Take it from me, there’s something unequivocally life-affirming about waking adult to a sound of a pleasant sleet showering attack a H2O in your unequivocally possess forever pool…

Jade Mountain

Sunset Water Villa with Infinity Pool during JA Manafaru, Maldives

A stay in any Maldivian pool villa is heavenly, though this one is quite special. Can we suppose anything some-more relaxing than dipping your toes in a forever pool, mojito in hand, examination a object kindly lick a sea as a stars start to wink in a sky? Aside from a 180° undeviating views, there’s a well-designed interior space with apart vital area. The lavatory opens out to a deck, permitting we to wash in unrestricted views from a supersized tub.

JA Manafaru Sunset Water Villa

Pool Villa during The Naka, Phuket, Thailand

Cantilevering impressively out of a towering side with building to roof potion windows, we feel on cloud 9 in this ‘levitating’ villa. The pattern of a bedrooms couldn’t be improved – each fact is unequivocally good suspicion by by one of Thailand’s tip architects. Request a room aloft adult for higher views and vicinity to amenities (the gym is value a visit… even if usually to admire a views).

The Naka Phuket Villa

Ocean View Suite with 28′ Pool during The Crane, Barbados

Home to one of a best beaches in a universe (as announced by Lifestyles of a Rich and Famous, no less), The Crane is located on a quieter, Eastern side of a Barbados. The pool suites advantage from a reduction swarming setting, with outrageous pools on a belligerent building unaware a pleasing Atlantic ocean.

The Crane Residence With Pool

Over Water Villa during Anantara The Palm, Dubai

Whilst ‘water villas’ might not be a initial thing that comes to mind when we consider of Dubai, a Thai cultured somehow unequivocally works here. Temperature tranquil bluish pools are everywhere we demeanour – staff even use small Thai boats to get around a resort! Some of a villas have a potion row in a building for espionage on a sea life below, something we won’t find anywhere else in a UAE.

Anantara The Palm Overwater Villa

One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool during Daios Cove, Crete, Greece

With such a brief moody time, we could be dipping your toes in this exhilarated private pool in reduction than 4 hours! Situated on one of a best pieces of Crete’s North-Eastern coastline, a review boasts a beautiful private sandy brook with ease waters. A comparatively new hotel, it’s stylishly furnished and all a comforts are state-of-the-art (the sauna is outstanding). One of a few hotels that’s also welcomes dogs if you’re staying in a villa, that is good news for Rex.

Daios Cove Villa

Zighy Spa Pool Villa Suite during Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

‘Rustic’ and ‘dreamy pool villa’ frequency go hand-in-hand, though during Zighy Bay, they unequivocally lift off a remote-luxe vibe. Forget cab transfers – arrive in character by paragliding into a review (optional!). If that all sounds a bit too exciting, we can always ease down with a blithe massage in your suites possess private diagnosis room. The stone-walled Zighy Spa Pool Villa Suites have dual floors, with dining areas and balconies and dual outside showers (with high mill walls, so you’re not overlooked!)

Presidential Villa during LUX* South Ari Atoll, Maldives

The kind of place where we forget about brushing your hair or wearing shoes… each impulse is improved spent enjoying a elementary pleasures of this outlandish destination. The Presidential Villa covers a whopping 360m2, and facilities a rather poetic potion building in a vital room – this over-water villa unequivocally has a ‘wow factor’.

LUX South Ari Atoll Presidential Villa

Family Villa 105 during Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

At Rayavadee, they take pleasant lenience to a subsequent turn in a Family Villa 105. For a start, there’s a size. Inside there are dual floors, with oh-so-comfy beds (the distance of 2 normal beds combined!). Outside, they unequivocally make a many of a expanded setting. The private pool is huge, with plenty room to swim. Surrounded by sensuous pleasant gardens (where caring has been taken to safety determined plants and trees), we feel absolutely away-from-it-all in your unequivocally possess jungle paradise.

Rayavadee Family Villa

Panoramic Pool Villa during Raffles Praslin, Seychelles

The many lush review on Praslin, a stay here is truly sublime. All a villas are set in a bank and offer unbeatable views opposite a island. The Panoramic Pool Villa is a crème de la crème, sitting atop a top indicate of a resort.

Raffles Praslin Panoramic Pool Villa

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