The holiday home industry’s answer to a Michelin Guide



We are all informed with a Michelin Guide that recognises name establishments for their culinary prowess. What started as a ubiquitous motorists’ beam to assistance sell some-more tyres indeed developed into something many grander. By focussing on usually a unequivocally best restaurants, a Michelin Red Guide fast became the management on all things dining.


Now that same indication is being practical to a holiday home industry. The Plum Guide handpicks usually a tip 1% of holiday homes (and hosts!) in any city, from a many fascinating locations, so identifying usually a unequivocally best of a best. Unlike a internet giants such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, The Plum Guide doesn’t usually list a masses, though instead it has a many some-more name portfolio.


It’s a win-win situation. As a holidaymaker or business traveller looking for a place to stay, we are already positive of a certain turn of peculiarity if it’s listed on Plum. As a let skill owner, we get to arrangement a fascinating Plum standing badge that highlights your possess loyalty to peculiarity as a homeowner and host. Plum have even undertaken research, consulting psychologists, liberality experts and architects, to get underneath a skin of what creates a holiday home truly mount out, either it be for business, pleasure or a unequivocally special arise where all contingency be positively perfect.


To date, a concentration for The Plum Guide has been on London though a aim is to extend this indication worldwide. As for a indication itself, Plum self-confess that they use an “OCD approach” in last who they do and don’t “let in”.  They’ve scanned some-more than 30,000 homes to date, privately contrast not usually any home, though also any host, in their query to build a marketplace of a world’s best holiday homes, and usually around 1 in 100 make a grade. Hosts are judged on their ability to support for their guests’ needs, a speed and peculiarity of their communications, and more.


And if all this corroboration wasn’t adequate to find a best of a best, there’s one final square to a jigsaw that creates Plum such a success, and that is a concentration on value. Properties change from £80 per night to over £2,000 per night, though in any and any instance we can be positive a turn of value that we won’t find from oppulance hotels charity a equivalent level of quality. Wherever we rent, by engagement by Plum you’ll be assured the many soulful, characterful and best homes that income can buy in a area.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Plum Guide.

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